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we're taking brands to the nextLevel

We make branded merchandise that will surprise and excite locals and visitors alike, offering pieces that add value to the customer experience – attracting and retaining customers for years to come.

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WE're in the business of making You more revenue

That starts with identifying items that would truly benefit your business and appeal to your customers or clients. Then, we get creative – either developing a unique design with your logo or creating original custom artwork. Leveraging our extensive network of vendors, we then source the highest-quality materials to bring that vision to life. Finally, we stock your shelves or stuff your swag bags with brand new branded merchandise that people will use repeatedly – giving your business more visibility.


meet the founderAnd force behind ipp

Hilary Foster is the driving force behind Innovative Product Partners. She has worked for over two decades in Sourcing, Product Development and Merchandising, growing and scaling businesses both domestically and internationally. Before launching IPP in 2017, Hilary operated her own successful importing business for 15 years, and then joined a Fortune 500 company where she launched a new fashion brand.

To that end, Hilary’s vast network of vendors spans across the USA, Europe and Asia, enabling her to leverage and source high-quality pieces at accessible price points. As a Chief Creative Officer, Hilary implores imagination and ingenuity to predict market trends and create specialty items that ‘wow’ customers and truly elevate a brand.

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Our client testimonials

Like the name suggests, we go to great lengths to be the premiere source for truly innovative branded products. Here’s what IPP clients have to say:

"Hilary is a stand out for a few reasons. As someone who has worked with many vendors and sales reps, I can confidently say that Hilary is one of the best. Hilary is innovative and thoughtful with everything she brings to the table. She makes the experience seamless on the buyers end by organizing orders, always providing data and carefully offering product that will and always sells. Hilary goes the extra mile by keeping an eye on how her product is selling and always has a solution when there is a bump in the road. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Hilary and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the years to come."

HOLLY WALL Manager of Retail & Lead Merchant 

Cisco Brewers, Triple Eight Distillery, Nantucket Vineyard 


readyTo elevate your brand?

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