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Hilary Foster is the driving force behind Innovative Product Partners. She has spent 20+ years in Sourcing, Product Development & Merchandising. Her in-depth experience includes Wholesale, Retail & Omni channel assignments, from founding a successful start-up in the Fashion Jewelry industry to senior executive-level positions with Fortune 500 corporations in the Jewelry, Home & Gift, and Beauty industries. In each role, she was responsible for the execution of the Brand, creatively and operationally.

Hilary’s deep manufacturing connections domestically, in Europe, and in the Far East afford our clients access to unique, high-quality products at value price points. We continually search for merchandise that offers a fresh approach to logo merchandise.



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"Hilary Foster is a stand out for a few reasons. As someone who has worked with many vendors and sales reps, I can confidently say that Hilary is one of the best. Hilary is innovative and thoughtful with everything she brings to the table. She makes the experience seamless on the buyers end by organizing orders, always providing data and carefully offering product that will and always sells. Hilary goes the extra mile by keeping an eye on how her product is selling and always has a solution when there is a bump in the road. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Hilary and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the years to come."


Holly Wall 
Manager of Retail & Lead Merchant 
Cisco Brewers
Triple Eight Distillery
Nantucket Vineyard 


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